SpiroSphere® – Advanced Spirometry for Routine Use in Practices, Medical Groups and Hospitals

ERT SpiroSphere®: Smart, portable, and affordable, SpiroSphere is the latest spirometry system from ERT for the measurement, recording, and assessment of accurate lung function parameters (FEV1, FVC, PEF, FEF25-75, VC, IC, ERV, and others). Specially designed to simplify routine use in healthcare, occupational medicine, or clinical trials, this innovative system simplifies most challenges while improving pulmonary function testing. SpiroSphere combines a high quality, pre-calibrated, wireless pneumotach sensor with the latest technology including a touch display, biometric user identification, and intuitive software to streamline clinical workflows, keeping focus on the patient and data quality.


Coach, collect, and assess.

Proper coaching is the key to precise, repeatable data, as patients often have challenges performing maneuvers. Suitable for use by a technician in the clinic, emergency room or a patient’s home, SpiroSphere is highly compact and truly portable with a built-in rechargeable battery. Quickly access the system through a secure biometric fingerprint scanner. A high resolution touch screen and a graphical interface optimized for maximum user experience make it easy to enter or select patient demographics and perform tests. Smart icons during tests deliver quality feedback in real time so patients can be guided to proper maneuvers adhering to the latest American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society standards.

Connect wirelessly. Everywhere.

Always connected, SpiroSphere supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 3G cellular networks for mobility and seamless data transmission. After a patient is evaluated, reports can be emailed to the referring physician or other caregivers, printed wirelessly through any compatible printer, or backed up locally to a USB stick. Secure data exchange through HL7 and GDT interfaces to administration systems will be supported through updates. SpiroSphere’s high quality, wireless pneumotach sensor gives users and patients full freedom of movement, and built-in Bluetooth enables integration of additional sensors and devices including 12-lead ECG.

Calibrate? Never again.

Why waste time on calibration? SpiroSphere comes with pre-calibrated pneumotach tubes built on proven JAEGER® technology, a gold standard in lung function measurements, simplifying daily procedures while capturing highly accurate data. Each pneumotach tube comes with an attached mouthpiece suitable for all ages. SpiroSphere supports the current ATS/ERS guidance by providing calibration checks.

Clean and go.

Hygiene is critical for safety, so SpiroSphere relies on a disposable, single patient use pneumotach tube. Simply clean the handle and replace the pneumotach tube, and SpiroSphere is ready for the next patient.

Investigational – Availability of the device is planned for 2017, but the device is not currently available for commercial sale. Please contact ERT for information regarding future availability in the United States, Europe, and other countries.