About ERT and erthealth™

ERT is the leading cloud platform solutions provider that captures quality efficacy and safety endpoints, harmonizes data from any clinical source system, and delivers real-time insights for optimum trial performance – innovating better health for over 40 years and tomorrow. ERT’s combination of technology, services, and consulting increases the accuracy and reliability of patient data and improves the efficiency of data collection. ERT is a global organization with headquarters in Philadelphia, PA and offices throughout the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Germany.

High-quality solutions. Industry-leading expertise. Streamlined processes. Proven success.

Collecting patient data for over 40 years.

ERT has been instrumental in leading the shift from conventional paper-based collection methods to streamlined electronic data collection – establishing a truly centralized approach to gathering patient information. We deliver high integrity data by applying technology and scientific principles to our processes. Having collected data from over 2 million patients by delivering a combination of technology, services, and consulting, ERT possesses the expertise and the experience to deliver data you can trust.